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2012-4-25 08:41 upload and download the attachment (63.08 KB) we've got many retro shoes are on Lunarlon and Max technology upgrade sole Air, then see the Nike Air Vortex technology on Hyperfuse Fuse will be not at all surprising. Overwhelmed by this new shoe body still retains the shoe style in 80s, only to vamp nylon material as base material, before the suede material packages and stability using the Hyperfuse technology, but still retains the use of suede heel material. What's more, the three colors of yellow / Green / blue, grey / Green / yellow and black / Purple / grey are chosen to match the colors. Today, the three colors have been listed on the Titolo sale, like friends can pay attention to. combined with retro basketball shoes, skateboard shoes and style, is engraved styles from the last century in eighty and 90s, simple and unique style with rich upper line decoration, showing the generation of the PUMA style, the memorial is black and silver (black-metallic silver) and green (white-black-poison green). Special embossed leather details under different color or taste, with Roma, Clyde, Artikel 61 jordans on sale online and Rennschuh 2 are PUMA 60th anniversary series to celebrate. PUMA Unlimited Hi download (60.3 KB)PUMA Unlimited Hi download (41.47 KB)PUMA Unlimited Hi download (42.84 KB)PUMA Unlimited Hi download (55.19 KB)PUMA Unlimited Hi download (93.45 KB)PUMA Unlimited Hithe fine workmanship, excellent texture of Air Jordan Retro Hi Premier 1 "Varsity Red" will be officially on sale in December 2nd. The shoe uses the red cortex, with the black bottom, and the details are very delicate. item: 332134-631 release date: December 2ndformally signed in May this year, the Jordan brand and Chinese basketball player Guo Ailun cooperation has been much attention. Guo Ailun and Jordan brand fate from a very early start. At the age of 7, the Japanese animation master "slam dunk" swept the world, wearing a Air Jordan1 role attracted the attention of Guo Ailun, "I fell in love with the Jordan brand". On entering the basketball team, Guo Ailun can't afford a pair of Jordan shoes, so often envy can wear brand Jordan player. Michael Jordan enjoys a high reputation in NBA since 1998, he retired from the Chicago bulls jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black still is the world famous star. As a subsidiary of Nike, Jordan brand globalization began in the 1997-1998 season, launched Air Jordan XIII until truly entered the Asian market. "Michael · Jordan" complex, coupled with the unique design, the success of the marketing strategy, as well as the spokesperson in recent years including 2016-17 MVP Westbrook, the two season defensive player Leonard, strong market appeal, Jordan brand in Chinese market on the occasion of twenty years for the outbreak. 2017, Jordan brand ambassador list more than on a Chinese face, 23 year old Guo Ailun became the first woman to have Jordan exclusive LOGO shoes China star. According to ESPN reporter Nick DePaula revealed that Guo Ailun and Jordan signed the contract, more than $3 million a year. previously, local sports brand Lining signed CBA equipment sponsorship contract, all players need to wear uniforms. During the contract period, the first four months of the season, if there is a player with other brands signed a contract, can put the logo on shoes in a certain cost under the premise of payment. However, in the past seas air jordan 11 space jam for sale on, is also the contract period of the last year, all local athletes can wear Lining branded equipment on other brands is difficult to "based on". With the Lining contract expires, basketball players also have more sponsorship options. In the 90 days spent with Lining negotiation period, Guo Ailun won the freedom of choice in January after sponsorship opportunities. Finally, Jordan won the Guo Ailun brand. 's love of basketball and unremitting investment, is a basic condition for Jordan Guo Ailun. Was born in the northern city of Liaoyang, Guo Ailun childhood love playing basketball, once every day for nearly an hour to sit a bus to go to the gym in liaoyang. Then enter the province, the national team has touched the occupation basketball. In the day in and day out training, and constantly improve the ball Guo Ailun. His three point shooting and golf course reading ability is weak, so in the offseason, Guo Ailun went to the United States for personal training. After 6 weeks of hard training, his trainer Rob McClanaghan admired his training spirit, also said that "he is a tireless strongman". 〉 Spring Fes cheap foamposites tival is approaching, PUMA also brings the new year special edition Clyde shoe design inspiration from chicken feathers with black cortex with runway marking PUMA high-end classic show color, heel and tongue and other details are to commemorate the Golden Chicken logo. immediately going to summer, how to let the younger sister to tease me, in addition to the figure is good, have to wear good clothes, but look at the closet before the summer all feel old, but also open buy buy buy mode, even if eat dirt, I also want to buy, who let me want to wear good-looking!!!!! I have nothing to do with small is a partner, together with me to buy a single product in summer. Xiaobian take you to find out the popular elements from the fashion show. let's start from the design point of view 1, mosaic patch elements Junya Watanabe2016 and speaking of splicing elements past those can not afford to buy cloth to make clothes for poor people, only around to collect the pieces of cloth, spell a piece of clothing, or patch pile a patch, eventually became the new clothes. After years of fashion designers from this originally reluctantl jordans on sale mens y moves inspired. It is used in street fashion, or with the color mosaic, or fabric splicing, seems to show the harmony of dissonance. This is suitable for some elements to emphasize their personality tide people, a piece of clothing should be able to show your personality. When the influx of people to buy clothes on your body, not only to be suitable for their skin color figure, but also the unity with your own personality. Recommended brand Junya Watanabe, in addition to the sign I recommend, you can also go to buyers shop or go shopping to find suitable for their own clothes. two, fringefringe can be said to be the classic elements, no matter what time are popular. whether you are covered with stripes or one or two stripes, are suction eye artifact. The stripes of the choice, in addition to stripes, and diagonal stripes. The color is a lot of choice ah, we choose according to their own body. Relatively speaking, vertical stripes look fat, thin horizontal stripes. Diagonal stripes classic brand Offwhitethree, exaggerated pattern design summer wear a T-shirt, ceiling eye is nothing more than a cut or pattern, Retro jordans for sale cut too pick people, not to buy clothes ah!!!! Bad wear will be considered non mainstream!!! So, with exaggerated patterns. Recommended brands: Marcelo, Burlon County Givenchy of Milan Off-White,, KTZ4, special tailoring in recent years, because of the popularity of the simple style, more and more people began to concern clothes tailoring the design, although there are white or black clothes, but because the cut is not the same, upper body effect are not the same. Recommended brands: Rick, Owens Y3, Liful clothes if the design is different from the above, the price will be more expensive.Originals adidas recently launched the new ZX 8000 color series, "of the Wall Fall", to Germany, Berlin wall for inspiration, published a set of three models of the new color design. The Berlin wall was built in 1961, 155 km long, dividing the East Berlin and West Berlin, which was a landmark building caused by the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union during the cold war. However, along with the situation development in the future, the East German government in 1989 announced allow citizens to apply for a vis cheap air jordans it to West Germany and West Berlin, and the Berlin Wall therefore forced to open, then weeks of people began to the Berlin Wall chisel as a souvenir, until 1990, the East German government finally officially decided dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Socialist Unity Party dictatorship and the reunification of East and West Germany opened the gate. this year is seen as the 25 anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin wall, rooted in the German Originals adidas has decided to use this as a creative theme for its ZX 8000 additions to the new color. The theme series will be available for sale in November 9th. source: HB 2012-6-17 08:22 upload download attachment (186.05, KB) you may have before Jordan Brand shoes for sale in July saw a Jordan SC-2 white / Blue / red color of the Olympic color products, at the same time with the sale and today we see the black / White / yellow color is worthy of our attention, the color and our familiar "TAXI" the color is very similar to black suede shoes material as base material, at the same time, black and white, golden color leather decorative embellishment, blac jordan 3 katrina 2018 k in the bottom window air cushion collocation golden and white rubber soles, and the shoe body is consistent with the reproduction of the black / White / yellow color theme. Although this section was officially released on July, the eBay on jbseller is now available for sale in advance. 2012-6-17 08:22 upload and download attachments (170 KB) 2012-6-17 08:22 upload and download attachments (183.38 KB) 2012-6-17 08:22 upload and download attachments (151.04 KB) 2012-3-7 09:00 upload and download the attachment (229.54 KB) in the we are concerned about Air Jordan Retro 14 white / varsity red retro colors at the same time, Jordan brand also recently announced the upcoming sale of a new color of the Air Jordan Retro 14 GS new version, this shoe body with white leather as main material. The toe joined the snakeskin texture of paint material, design LOGO, shoe lining and trapeze toe in the bottom teeth on the image using Neptune blue color. Give people a refreshing feeling. At the same time, Ferrari's heel shoes Jordan Shield logo and XIX logo also uses red embellishment, add a lot of highlights for shoes, Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale this Air Jordan Retro 14 GS white / red / Blue Neptune is expected to be fully on the monopoly in March 10th, love friends can not miss it. Guangdong Houjie town of Dongguan city is a city with an annual output of more than three hundred million Chinese shoes, two shoes. Last year, the financial tsunami had made the town economy suffer heavy losses, but as the economy continues to pick up, Houjie Town labor demand increased significantly, reporters today from the labor market Houjie learned that the current labor demand than in March increased by fifteen times. according to Houjie big market labor planning director Huang Jing introduced in August, Houjie electronics, footwear, furniture and other industries orders increased significantly, the enterprise recruitment entered the peak period, to provide jobs to fifteen times higher than in March. in Houjie Town Industrial Park, a reporter saw, all production lines are open enough horsepower, full load production. A group of human resources director Cheng Xiaojiang told reporters that the company's orders have been booked to the end of the year, especially buy cheap jordans online the orders of independent research and development of household electric tools in the European market in September increased by 90%, even the day, companies are busy around recruiting". Cheng Xiaojiang said that the company is about to hire more nearly one thousand people. according to Houjie big market labor statistics, the first three weeks of August, a total of more than 1500 enterprises entering the recruitment, an increase of more than three times in March, providing more than 15000 jobs, an increase of more than fifteen times in March, the employment needs of electronics, footwear, furniture and other industries to provide strong, the whole town enterprise positions back to 90% in the same period last year. The opening rate by a quarter of zero point six rose to one point five in August, which means that one hundred and fifty jobs only one hundred people in the job, which the mechanic jobs gap. Houjie labor market planning director Huang Jing said, from the August recruitment situation, at present mainly in the post employment demand is relatively large, in addition to a more urgent needs. Mainly is the enterprise orders since June increased more prominent, led to the explosive growth of demand for jobs. it is understood that the Houjie Town Labor Department Recruitment organized by the public and to carry out recruitment activities of foreign labor, open recruitment channels to meet the employment needs of enterprises. (Editor: admin)In order to make their products more involved in sports scene, New Balance recently launched a new design of Niobium boots. This section uses a more substantial design, combined with the 577 and 580 classic design elements, while the high help shoes body, superior materials, fine workmanship and solid outsole also let this in the face of harsh terrain and weather seems to take it leisurely and unoppressively. new-balance-outdoors-niobium-boot-7.jpg (176.89 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance Niobium 2016-10-9 14:18 upload new-balance-outdoors-niobium-boot-2.jpg (85.76 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance Niobium 2016-10-9 14:18 upload new-balance-outdoors-niobium-boot-1.jpg (125.9 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance Niobium 2016-10-9 14:18 upload new-balance-outdoors-niobium-boot-3.jpg (126.06 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance Niobium 2016-10-9 14:18 upload new-balance-outdoors-niobium-boot-5.jpg (73.42 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance Niobium 2016-10-9 14:18 upload new-balance-outdoors-niobium-boot-4.jpg (133.51 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance Niobium 1Alexander Wang Adidas Adidas AW BBall the design of basketball shoes next month to usher in the sale, distinctive design style, there are great differences with other basketball shoes, in fact it is basketball shoes, rather than a pair of close to the trend of the daily wear shoes, it is worth mentioning that the shoe in the bottom is also equipped with the Boost material, believe in shock will have a very good feedback. Adidas AW BBall will be on sale in April 1st at $260. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! In addition to the artist Chen Chien-chou Taiwan black frequently NIKE love to send a variety of new, limited edition shoes, in fact there are many star performers are affected by this treatment, such as artist Shiou. I don't know him, but you probably know him and Alyssa Chia's daughter! Super adorable does not does not! Shiou near the sun out of the NIKE gave him the latest running shoes, Air Zoom Mariah Flyknit, this is known as "Flyknit Racer 2" running shoes, but also recently attracted much attention Nike new running shoes. in daily life, he is also a love running handsome man, often becomes their running gear and running record. , he and Alyssa Chia are in sports when met, and now two people are very happy, in addition to running shoes, NIKE often sends "good shoes" from time to time, such as Kaws, X, AJ, 4 KDX Sup X big Air AJ16 AJ11 LOW North Carolina blue AJ3 also has the latest hot Nike Air Vapormax really envy this NIKE by "spoiled", and live a happy man. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!